Blogging is Hard (And Other Excuses)

I found the task of starting a blog, albeit a personal one, quite daunting. I've created and maintained blogs for several different companies, but this is different. With them, I had to find their company's voice and use it in each post. For this, I have to find my own voice. This sounds easy in theory, but the task of figuring out who you are and how to present yourself consistently is incredibly difficult.

Furthermore, there's something cathartic about writing blog posts and website copy that you know will never be attributed to you. People see those posts and don't even think about the nameless, faceless entity who created them. With a personal blog, though, there's definitely a name (even if it's occasionally a fake one) and there's frequently a face too (see my "About" page).

Nevertheless, there's never a good enough excuse to not simply start doing what you've been telling yourself you'd do. That's why I'm here, writing a blog post about how it's hard to write a blog post. Cue the sarcastic single clap.

Perhaps the other reason I find the task of starting a blog so difficult is that I'm not used to writing in a casual voice. My creative writing is primarily literary, which doesn't really lend itself to blogging. Though I do take on casual affectations in my business blogging, I've decided not to pretend to be anything I'm not on my own blog. You're welcome.

The other stumbling block I've had is the fact that I'm not used to expressing my emotions or opinions frequently, or even in such a direct manner, as the blog post. I express things indirectly through my creative fiction and occasionally I vocalize these things, but blogging about it is an entirely different thing.

Perhaps my fear or worry is that no one will care. That's not to say I need constant validation, but that I don't see a point in generating content that no one will bother to read. That's a horrible argument though, since I keep a personal journal that I write in daily.

So apparently I've used up all my excuses not to blog, and accidentally written a blog post in the process. Let's hope the next one is more entertaining than this!