Social Media Management

My social media management services are comprehensive and engaged. They include creating personalized posts, such as images with text on them, extensive research on industry competitors, snappy content that consistently conveys your company's image/message, and general social engagement. This means responding to questions, reviews, etc., but also creating campaigns that encourage customers to interact and spread the word.

Content Writing

Because of my website building and creative writing experience, I am able to provide high level content writing services to clients. This includes, but is not limited to: sitemaps, landing pages, blurbs, as well as adding meta descriptions and alt tags. I even research competitors and key words in order  to determine that you have high quality, relevant website content which boosts your SEO rankings and presents a consistent, positive image of your business or company.

Blog Writing

Blog writing is a highly underrated asset to any company's website. It has been proven to be one of the most consistently effective ways to boost a website's SEO rankings organically. I write completely original blog posts for my clients, using my own research and writing expertise. Every blog post will be written in a way that reflects your business's image while conveying relevant information to potential consumers. This works especially well when used in tandem with my social media services because I will create posts that promote this original content.

Contact me directly for inquiries about rates. Services are not limited to the above.

For specific requests, please send me a detailed email, enumerating your company's needs and goals.